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New, rapid dementia screening tool rivals ‘gold standard’ clinical evaluations
Aug 13, 2015
The Quick Dementia Rating System, which uses an evidence-based methodology, validly and reliably differentiates individuals with and without dementia. When dementia is present, it accurately stages the condition as very mild, mild, moderate, or severe. The test takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete, and can be used by a layperson.
Could body posture during sleep affect how your brain clears waste?
Aug 03, 2015
Sleeping in the lateral, or side position, as compared to sleeping on one’s back or stomach, may more effectively remove brain waste and prove to be an important practice to help reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer, Parkinson, and other neurologic diseases, according to researchers at Stony Brook University.
Fundamental beliefs about atherosclerosis overturned
Jul 06, 2015
Doctors' efforts to battle the atherosclerotic plaques that cause heart attacks and strokes are built on several false beliefs about the fundamental composition and formation of the plaques, new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine shows. These new discoveries will force researchers to reassess their approaches to developing treatments and discard some of their basic assumptions about atherosclerosis.
Neurobiologists restore youthful vigor to adult brains
May 18, 2015
UC Irvine researchers have successfully reactivated brain plasticity in the brains of adult mice. And in doing so, they've cleared a trail for further study that may lead to new treatments for developmental brain disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. Results of their study appear online in Neuron.
Single, low-magnitude electric pulse vagus nerve stimulation successfully fights inflammation
May 13, 2015
In a paper published by Bioelectronic Medicine, researchers explore how low-level electrical stimulation interacts with the body's nerves to reduce inflammation. The paper's findings indicate that activation of either motor or sensory vagus nerve bundles can diminish inflammation.
Study sheds new light on brain metabolism
Apr 24, 2015
New research published today in the journal Nature Communications represents a potentially fundamental shift in our understanding of how nerve cells in the brain generate the energy needed to function. The study finds that neurons, not astrocytes, are the primary consumers of glucose, and that consumption appears to correlate with brain activity.